Nous sommes fiers de présenter nos partenaire

KTM – Ready To Race

Every new ride on your KTM is an ADVENTURE waiting to be experienced – a dream that is yours to realize. The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. For those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, KTM is the perfect match. True adventurers, permanently challenging themselves, looking to new horizons for the next goal, destination or opponent to conquer.


The Adventure Never Ends

The Dakar Rally is the toughest race of all. Everything is tested to its very limits, every day (and night), non-stop for 17 days and over 15 000 km! It is more than a race, it is the ultimate adventure – a true challenge for the bike, body and support crew. Each day holds unknown surprises, twists and turns for the entire team. Success is impossible without everyone of our team giving 100% no matter what is thrown in front of us. KTM have been to the edge and back, winning the Dakar Rally for 16 years straight. With an unquenchable sense of adventure the KTM team truly lives the READY TO RACE motto!

Tripy, GPS and Digital RoadBook – The GPS For Memorable Trips

Experience the road like never before

What you love most is riding. Simply taking to the road one fine morning, behind the controls of your machine, for kilometres of escape and freedom. The scenery shoots past like an action film, and at every bend, you experience the pure sensations of an evermore breathtaking route. 

The Tripy II GPS, your companion for truly memorable trips

Let the Tripy II GPS take you on an adventure, without losing your way! Tripy’s clear and simple guidance system will take you on the most scenic tourist routes. Its instructions are very easy to follow so you won’t lose sight of the road or the scenery. So much more than a standard GPS: a real co-pilot and a trusted partner.


Leatt – Experience Moto

You rip back the throttle… the back wheel spins out of control and dirt arcs like a fat rooster tail. The rubber grips and you’re thrust forward like a bull at an open gate. Fumes are an adrenalin shot to the heart as you surge forward, just about hanging on. You reach that point where Reason hands the bike to Instinct. “Here you go”, says Reason, “over to you”. Instinct doesn’t waver. “I got this pal… see you in a bit”. And then it’s like you’re watching yourself from outside of your body. You launch off like a tracer bullet… So high you swear your ears just popped and suddenly Reason comes back for a second and you understand that you’re actually going to survive this thing and that life is never going to feel as awesome as it does at this exact, precise second.

Welcome to the Thrill.


MG Adventures

L’Afrique du Sud en toute liberté.