Isn’t it heaven, the thrill of being on a bike? You get a complete 360 degree panoramic view of the world and you get much more comfortable than you can in a vehicle to your destination. Motorcycle Hire Cape Town knows how to give the best tours.

For all of us, we load our heavy panniers with all we need every year, including what we don’t need and what we felt we might need, but never did, and end up utilising about half of what we pack, questioning why we wanted everything in the first place. We realise somehow after the fifth night of unpacking and repacking everything and by the time the last few days draw on us, half of the gear we packed no longer fits in the tiny suitcases strapped to our motorcycle, how does that happen?

And, of course, like all GPS, there’s the anomaly that exists. We spend hours carefully designing roads, zooming in and out of Google, only to discover that we end up riding down a donkey track to verify the suitability of the lane. Or, we wind up locating the only surviving hotel in a tiny unknown town in a crazy mad rush only to discover they’re not selling food or alcohol. And then the journey proceeds the next day and the next before it’s eventually time to go home with nothing more than a few dodgy photos of you and your motorcycle next to an old farm, or with the quirky hotel owner who doesn’t talk a word of English and you come to the conclusion that you haven’t really been to any place of value. Yeah, you had fun and no question you will do it again, but getting others to do all that for you takes away the worries of locating a bed, booking trains or ferries and making sure you get to see the best sights and travel the best roads. The effect is a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

Here Are Some Of That Reasons:


Once you hit the road, you feel like you have everything you need. You can schedule your own day however you like, you can pause for a coffee, lunch or just to appreciate a beautiful view at any place and at any time. You will pick the path you want to pursue on your own. When you ride on a motorcycle, there is a total sense of independence and there is no preparation.

Living Minimalistically

Living on two wheels on the roadshows teaches you to be minimalistic on every adventure. You learn to leave and be happy with the simple things. You don’t have to waste time worrying about what to wear, as there are a few choices. When we dream about what to eat, it’s the same. You’re going to consume what you can carry in your tiny suitcase, or what you can find on the road. You forget your exhausting routine and become a more comfortable person who loves little things.

A Unique Way To Communicate With Nature

You can feel the wind, the rain, the sun. You can see the birds flying around you, butterflies, kangaroos jumping in front of you, zebras, elephants crossing your route or some bear greeting you. You can take a break under mango trees and get your stomach full. If you travel by bus, car or train you are missing these feelings for sure.

Taking A Lot Of Photos

You should pull in any place while travelling on two wheels to take some fantastic pictures, you can stop your motorcycle, admire the view and create some great pictures with magnificent views.

What Makes A Great Tour

First of all, being a lover of riding and understanding what a good road adventure is, you certainly don’t want to linger in those crowded tourist places for too long (if at all), visiting just the places marked as famous on a map, while ignoring the ones that create all the magic. Hidden twists, roads that lead to surprising sights, stops that have not yet been thoroughly awakened by tourist clamor, enjoying a drink in a quaint little traditional restaurant with a pleasant view with your buddies, that’s why you need someone to drive you around those jewels of genuinely great adventures on motorcycles.

Not all motorcycle touring companies do the same thing: some are very big and in several countries offer directed (or self-guided) tours. There are for instance, several companies that give tours on many continents, and that is genuinely commendable and demanding. On the other side, we see MotoTrip as a tiny agency that specialises in its own region, offering only the best of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro’s small, but incredibly beautiful and unique part of the world.

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Hire Cape Town offers loads of advantages when scheduling a motorcycle tour.

It’s very important for your tour crew to immediately become part of the guide tour, one that always knows where the best roads are where the best dinner is eaten, and where you can see a beautiful sunset view. This is where we believe we’re going fine. Your guide would be the creator and owner of MotoTrip, Darko Novosel, who is a talented photographer and still keeps a camera in his pocket, making sure you don’t miss all the moments for as long as you want.

To experience a trip of a lifetime, contact Motorcycle Hire Cape Town for inquiries now or visit our social media page.