The best place for exciting trips and sports in a natural setting is South Africa. In this corner of the world, KTM Adventure South Africa
holiday can be customized to the way you want it. The assistance of a local guide is important if you plan on an ‘asphalt journey’ beginning from Johannesburg towards the parks or from Cape Town to follow the coastline. Much of the roads are in excellent shape… but do not be misled by the shortage of traffic that allows the throttle to open: the local community crosses the road without looking and small buses pause constantly with crazy drivers to let passengers go on and off. Visibility decreases a lot after sundown, particularly in rural areas, which adding pitch dark nights and the likelihood of encountering animals on your way. So do not go fast and do not let yourselves get too distracted by the natural beauties that reveal themselves behind every curve.

If you are interested in a ‘raid’ type ride, be mindful that sandy regions that can hit a depth of 15/20 cm are very popular on off-roads. You ought to be cautious if you are not an expert. To keep the front axle from digging into the sand, travel with the weight on the back of the saddle and do not slow down (with consequent fall). You won’t have any issues in most situations if you keep to 50 km/h. If you are looking for an off-road ride, the recommendation is to focus on a local motorcycle guide who knows the region well and can fix any potential problems. In South Africa, you drive on the left.


You would want the most out of a well-planned trip. What often traveling newbies do is prepare a course, then label path points on anything and everything that seems remotely interesting along that path. What happens is that you quickly find that you are exploring locations that are less desirable than you might have anticipated. A church here, a cave there, or a historical site there, can often turn out to be very repetitive and uninspiring. Your tour guide guides you to what they consider are the most popular areas on a tour and others who have particular preferences on the path you take. In turn, but always from a particular background or angle, you end up exploring key tourist destinations and views to give you something fresh and curative to carry home as memories and pictures, instead of the backs of the heads of thousands of visitors.


A good motorcycle touring agency will ensure your desires and standards are met. It is not always simple to predict which one can give you their undivided attention, lead you down an exciting and rewarding course, and take you to some of the best locations along that road, so it pays to do your research. Browse and read their feedback on the Internet. Look at their photos, are they full of elderly couples or speed demons wearing full race leathers, or are they all covered in mud from head to toe?

It can be overwhelming to locate the best tour operator for you. Both facets of life are provided by KTM adventure South Africa. They have a special method of ensuring that all passengers love their tours as much as the next guy in all categories. To say the least, they are quite attentive, considerate, and enjoyable. They will be a great choice if you are searching for fun and adventure. But, if it’s a group of riders who want to stop at every cafe, natter till the cows come home and sings songs around the open fire you may be disappointed. KTM adventure South Africa is an organization that is enjoyable and invigorating and aims to bring the fun back into touring. They’re certainly not a “two-wheel coach tour”

What to wear on a Motorcycle Touring trip?

People picture a badass guy on a Harley Davidson in trashy denim and leather belts, wearing aviator shades, most of the time when they hear about motorcycle tours. But there’s also a separate truth. Half an hour in these clothes on a road trip and you would think you had never climbed on a ride in the first place.

Health is the first requirement that you need to consider when buying your motorcycle gear. Comfort and accessibility are also among the considerations to be taken care of. And for obvious purposes, helmets are necessary. Helmets are 34 percent efficient in avoiding motorcycle accidents, according to the figures, and 67 percent effective in preventing a head injury.

The second most critical thing when it comes to secure motorcycle trips is a decent pair of gloves. Our first reaction in the event of a collision is to capture our drops with our fingertips. That’s where it comes in handy for a quality pair of gloves.

Our bodies were not built, according to science, to fly more than 40 km/h. Going further than that will inflict harm to our skin cells, bones, and internal organs without protective clothing. That is why protective clothing such as jackets, pants, suits, and boots – is the third most essential item on your motorcycle trip. Typically, because of the padding that covers your body as far as possible, they are called ‘body armor’. You would be able to get it waterproof in case of rain and poor weather for every item of your motorcycle clothes.

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