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Motorcycle Rental Cape Town


Considérez la KTM 500 EXC-F comme une masse. Percutant, efficace et totalement dévastateur. Mais, grâce à un châssis agile et à son moteur high-tech encore plus compact, cette machine de grande cylindrée est étonnamment légère et maniable. En conséquence, cette centrale monocylindre SOHC de 510 cm3 a un rapport puissance / poids incroyable et n'offre rien de moins que l'option la plus dynamique et la plus excitante pour les sorties du week-end, les compétitions d'enduro ou les rallyes.

Prix par jour  ( de 1 à 3 jours ) 

€134 /R2250 

Prix par jour ( de 4 à 6 jours)


Prix par jour ( + de 7 jours )

€104 /R1750  

Motorcycle Rental Cape Town

KTM 890 Adventure R

Pour les aventuriers dans l'âme, cette moto mono-cylindre puissante vous ouvrira tous les chemins d'Afrique du Sud.

Prix par jour  ( de 1 à 3 jours ) 

€171 /R2850 

Prix par jour ( de 4 à 6 jours)

€160 /R2650

Prix par jour ( + de 7 jours )

€141 /R2350  

KTM 890 Adventure R

KTM 890 Rally

Il est difficile d'expliquer les nuances de «limité» et «illimité» dans la même phrase. Mais, avec seulement 700 unités disponibles dans le monde, la KTM 890 RALLY est aussi exclusive que tout-terrain. Doté d'une suspension WP Pro Components comparable à celle trouvée sur le KTM 450 RALLY, une palette de couleurs unique et hérissé de pièces dérivées de la course, la seule chose qui limite le KTM 890 RALLY est la production.

Prix par jour  ( de 1 à 3 jours ) 

€235 /R3650  

Prix par jour  ( de 4 à 6 jours ) 

€220 /R3450  

Prix par jour  ( + de 7 jours ) 

€200 /R3150  

Motorcycle Rental Cape Town

KTM 1090 Adventure R

Avec ses roues tout-terrain, une suspension sportive, 125 CV de puissance et un moteur économe en carburant, cette moto est faite pour la piste. 

Prix par jour  ( de 1 à 3 jours ) 

€170 /R2650  

Prix par jour  ( de 4 à 6 jours ) 

€155 /R2450  

Prix par jour  ( + de 7 jours ) 

€135 /R2150  

KTM Rental Cape Town

KTM 1290 Adventure R

Combinaison parfaite entre mécanique de précision et électronique de pointe, cette KTM est  faite pour les expériences hors normes.

Prix par jour  ( de 1 à 3 jours ) 

€195 /R3050  

Prix par jour  ( de 4 à 6 jours ) 

€180 /R2850  

Prix par jour  ( + de 7 jours ) 

€160 /R2500  

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Informations importantes for Motorcycle Rental Cape Town

Kilométrage illimité

Pour toute réservation jusqu’a 6 jours vous recevez 200 Km gratuitement et R4 par kilomètres supplémentaires. Valable pour 3 motos. Au dessus de 7 jours, vous bénéficiez du kilométrage illimité.

Toute réservation inclus une assurance standard, tout pilote dois détenir un permis de conduire moto valide dans la cylindrée correspondante.

Age minimum pour la location : 21 ans.
Caution à verser pour toute réservation : 25 000 rands. 

Taux de change

Tous nos prix sont basés au  taux de change au 13 février 2022. Merci de consulter notre page de réservation pour avoir les tarifs au taux du jour.

KTM Adventure South Africa

The complete motorcycle touring guide for beginners

Have you ever wondered what it feels like when traveling to be absolutely free? What is it like to experience every inch of the territory and never miss a peek of where your heart leads you, but your next flight doesn’t let you go? We have three little words that will shake up the way you ride – touring by motorcycle!

The motorcycle engine’s booming vibration, the cold breeze, an open path with infinite possibilities. All of the romantic and inviting components will become your worst fear on long motorcycle tours if you’re not well trained. We have therefore put together the complete motorcycle touring guide for beginners to help you get started on your motorcycle journey!

You won’t really want to go back until you experience the road and the freedom of motorcycle touring.

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What is a KTM Adventure tour by motorcycle, and why is that unique?

Motorcycle travel is one of the best ways of tourism.. Since the early 20th century, this special way of seeing the country has been growing year by year.

Tourism on two wheels can differ in both distance and driving style, as some prefer to term it. Some people love to ride solo, whilst others like to join a traveling party on motorcycles. There are individuals who love taking small vacations and eventually walking, loving every imaginable sight and feeling liberty. By riding thousands of miles, other riders carry motorcycle tours to the next stage, embarking on tours that may extend for years, perhaps decades. Motorcycle riders claim that motorcycle touring is unique with its variety and those who wish to become one of them.

Gain a few friends

I’ve hardly seen a biker who doesn’t have biker mates, from my own personal knowledge.With that being said, I do know a number of riders whose friends might have passed on to new pastures. They’ve settled down or had a kid with a girlfriend, moved jobs, missed a career, etc. It can get a little tedious for those very fortunate, lonely, care-free individuals when you want to go away and explore on a holiday trip, but nobody else you know can commit to the time and expense.

As you get to meet at least someone on an orchestrated tour with whom you’ll have something in common and end up partnering with them, I don’t mean you’re going to spend cosy nights spooning together. Okay, maybe you could discover too much about them sooner than you think, like farting or snoring in your sleep, or making your Y-Fronts dry out in the tub. Apart from all that, however it allows you something to hang on to every night while downing a couple drinks, unless you want your own company, of course, and are the type of guy to sit outside your tent gazing up at the stars while chatting to yourself.

KTM Adventure Safety & Security

Working in numbers obviously becomes a collective effort in any case, and when preparing a trip, protection and safety can never be overlooked.

It’s not unusual for riders to go ill-prepared, depending on where you expect to go in the country. Yes, they may have the package, all the papers, and a load of concepts, but if you’re going to places you’re unfamiliar with and have done nothing in the way of studying, all this may seem trivial. Many towns across South Africa, too, may have surprises. Imagine your disappointment as you wake up in the morning and hear that your motorcycle is gone. You end up running the risk of finding yourself spending a night in a very unscrupulous part of town without knowing where these places to avoid are, particularly after dark and you can’t gauge the location. 

Intimidating as it might be, most locations, if you know where and what you are doing, are completely secure. As a group, though, you are much better than ever and have not only the safety and protection of those with you, but also the capacity to protect motorcycles together and offer a barrier to being in a group of criminals and opportunists.

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It’s a real KTM adventure

It is convenient to sit on your sofa at home. But if you drop your propensity for monotonous comfort, you’ll see some of Earth’s most incredible sights, meet amazing people and learn new experiences. Making every single day a fresh horizon!

It leaves you with countless stories

It is excellent to exchange thoughts, perspectives and milestones of your journey with your friends and relatives. Traveling on a motorcycle produces a Guaranteed narrative to interest and impress everyone you encounter, both on the path and back home.

You travel at the perfect speed

Maybe you can walk anywhere you want to go. But it’s certainly going to take a while to discover anything. You are quick enough on a motorcycle to see a number of different countries in a limited time and you are always outdoors and tightly related to nature.

KTm Adventure gives you the opportunity to travel with your friends

Riding together is enjoyable and helps you to share unique experiences with your friends. You are going to get to know them even better and the relationship is going to be greater than ever.

It helps you grow

Have you ever adjusted your car tyres? Huh? No? Ok, on a big tour, occasionally you have to do that. It’s difficult to be faced with different circumstances, however it can help you develop and explore yourself.