Seeing the world by motorcycle, with more companies creating adventure businesses to explore the world on two wheels, has never been simpler. There are two forms of motorcycle holidays: guided motorcycle tours, and self-guided tours. Guided motorcycle tours let someone else take charge of route preparation, motorcycle rental, insurance, routing, hotel bookings, and provide you with a ready-made bunch of new friends with all the right contacts. And there are self-guided trips, you get everything but without a party of friends, a back-up van. A third party will arrange self-guided tours, but you get all the benefits of their expertise, but more flexibility to set your timetable.

The Guided tour

All is made simple by a wonderful guided motorcycle tour. It’s a pleasant way to take away the worry if you’ve never ridden in a specific nation, especially if that country is quite unlike your own. With a knowledgeable tour guide who has decades of local experience of the best roads and services, you’ll travel in a community (usually 8-15 bikes with up to 20 riders). Plus, they grasp the local rules, traffic laws, and everything else that is sure to bring you on the road to enjoying a nice time.

A successful tour guide will determine a group’s riding ability and change the speed appropriately, putting together a random group of strangers to travel with as a well-organized pack over thousands of miles in all weather environments… comfortably.

The best tour companies have the expertise and contacts to book the most fitting accommodation, the latest motorcycles, the most intelligent, friendly tour guides, and the best en-route attractions. They know how to handle the miles and when a day of rest can be taken. They understand how to handle a party of passengers, have accounted for any contingency and there is a well-equipped back-up truck that takes care of your needs and holds your bags.

A broad guided tour, a proper once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, costs a lot of money. And you want it to be flawless.

It’s more about the contact before you leave. A finely illustrated road book illustrating directions, locations, and recommended attractions to explore increases the curiosity. Support and guidance on environmental conditions, appropriate riding kit, and half a dozen troubling items. ‘Do you like an additional night at the start or end of your tour? ‘We will take care of it for sure.’

Our team is there to greet you when you arrive at your starting place, tired-but-excited after a long trip. There’s an informal welcoming dinner, an opportunity to meet your new friends and a gentle update on the first day on the road about what’s happening tomorrow.

There’ll be some easy rules in this country for cycling. What to expect, the road regulations, how their petrol stations run, and what to do at intersections. A couple of words about biodiversity and ideas for climate control.

Do it yourself for a motorcycle holidays

It’s not too hard to hire a motorbike in many places, book your hotels and build your customized trip. If the motorcycles and hotels are of equal standard to the tour operators, you may not save a ton of (if any) cash, and if the interest rate increases between booking and landing, you may be out of pocket.

If you choose to do a particular form of trips, the other choice will be to send your motorcycle abroad, which is worth it (off-road or track days or classic events for example). Otherwise, until the leasing expenses surpass the freight fees, you would need to look at a very long voyage. Consult us at Bike Rental Cape Town to ensure you’re getting the best deal and trips for your guided tours.

It’s worth calling any of the existing operators and asking if they can bring together a kit for you if you just want a very different experience. In some of those businesses, there’s a lot of talent and knowledge and all of them do this because they share a love for adventure. You’ll be shocked by how supportive certain companies are and would be.

Reasons for a motorbike tour

  1. Getting off from main roads

We like getting off the main road and heading to those side roads where cars aren’t even able to drive on. In the travel guide books, certain paths might not be recommended, but there are loads of fascinating paths. You’ll not find anything like the backroads in the major enticing tourism areas you’ll see on a bike. Now, the greatest feeling is going down the toughest paths.

  1. Meet locals

Bike Rental Cape Town did not use GPS for orientation for a long time, we had to ask the locals every day, and connected with so many locals. We arrived at some of the best points on this long road after chatting with them and listening to their suggestions for roads. We sleep in their beds, eat with them and benefit from their everyday lives. We spent just one night with them many times, and the next day we were sad to say farewell. One of the most valuable items you’ll get from a ride is meeting individuals, and the motorcycle unlocks several doors.

  1. Is a great adventure

You must realize that there are going to be multiple challenges and dangerous conditions when you ride by motorbike. Tough highways, poor weather, injuries, dangerous places or simply having a spot to sleep or eat regularly. It can be anywhere for fun, and it’s only better to reach it on two wheels.

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