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KTM Cape Town


KTM Cape Town

Cape Town - 1 Day Tour

We will pass through the small village of Ceres nestled in the hollow of a valley covered with orchards, then take the track for lunch in Riebeek-Kasteel.

KTM Cape Town

Cederberg - 3 Day Tour

Join us for a tour which has a great variety of landscapes & Incredible wide-open spaces, discover national parks – all close to Cape Town and its beautoful landscapes.

KTM Cape Town

Cederberg & Karoo - 7 Day Tour

Join us for great archaeological sites and a unique experience in the Valley of Desolation. There is superb spring flora and become bewitched by starry skies.

KTM Cape Town

Namibia - 10 Day Tour

Together we put the gas on the highest dune in the world. A trip to one of the largest expanses of desert in the world. Enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunset.

Motorcycle Tour South Africa

Richtersveld and Fish River Canyon - 14 Day Tour

Highlights include riding through the Fish River Canyon, which is the second largest canyon in the world. The deepest point is 549 m.

Motorcycle Tour South Africa

West Coast - 9 Day Tour

Join us in taking magnificent roads along the coast. There will be incredible sand and dune tracks. The trip includes a visit to the West Coast National Park.

KTM Cape Town

Garden Route - 7 Day Tour

The highlights include steep roads, and off road in the mountains.  There will be lush and captivating environment and 3 different routes are possible off the beaten track.

Motorcycle Tour South Africa

Lesotho - 7 Day Tour

Join us as we ride on one of the highest passes in Africa. We will encounter unspoiled nature including high mountains, deep valleys and crystal clear waters.

KTM Adventure Bike South Africa

The benefits of guided motorcycle tours KTM Cape Town

The sense of liberation, the moments of exploring some amazing locations, meeting neighboring locals, being alone on an everlasting path from a distant land, feeling the chill, the sun baking your skin, and the force of the wind battling with you. To become at peace with nature and to continue to value nature. We are hooked to this way of living because of all these encounters.

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Guided tour or guided by oneself? When it comes to organising a new motorcycle tour for your mates, isn’t that always the question? Some people ride mostly self-guided, others only accompanying motorcycle tours, and there are others who prefer a bit of both, based on when the trip takes place (and some other facts, of course). We would all accept that the latter should be the smartest. Why should you bother with a KTM Cape Town guide or agency if you are traveling in your own world, but if you are preparing a tour in a country that you don’t know well, and which is maybe situated on another continent, then the way to go is ” guided “.

We’ll share our thoughts and point of view. We may claim that there is some vast knowledge of touring and riding on a motorcycle around the world behind the concept of launching our KTM Cape Town motorcycle touring agency. You’re never disappointed, and regularly you’re blown away at how amazingly well the tour was planned. And when we had to tackle the entire idea of touring from another side, we decided to put back all the positive things we experienced when spinning our wheels with all sorts of people across Africa.

Motorcycle Tour South Africa & Bike Rental Cape Town – We do route planning

Route preparation is one of the key motivations for many riders to book a trip with a KTM Cape Town adventure motorcycle tourism agency. It may be, and is a laborious method often. Some will steal routes posted from others from the Internet, others will wing it and literally say “to hell with it” and go off into the unknown. Although these alternatives might and sometimes do work. Doing so on a wing and a prayer will not often accomplish anything other than allowing you the opportunity to ride your motorcycle in unknown environments, or get you into trouble at worse!

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Route planning is a form of art, it really is. As a KTM South Africa tour experts also spend a whole day preparing the path for a day’s travel as a touring service. The distinction between winding up, riding countless hours down a tedious and repetitive road or selecting a path that is full of scenic splendor around each corner, filled with sublime riding conditions and the best laid asphalt, is choosing the right route. Instead of continuously watching out for cars, little kids, crap on the road, or potholes large enough to engulf you and your bike, a great path is one you don’t have to care about, other than simply biking and viewing the local scenery.

Lots to consider

There are several variables used to design a decent path, such as the time it takes to travel the route while taking into account any eventualities that you face along the way. The timescales will all be drastically altered by traffic, construction work, visitors, cycle races and road closures. A 6-hour route will become a 9-hour route easily! Another main importance is mileage. It’s all very well preparing a 250 mile day and then finding that much of it is spent stuck in some horrible traffic trap of God or on a highway without features.

Technology for route planning is obviously the answer here. A successful software that will mitigate annoyance. Furthermore, and more critically, all of the routes we have placed together have been changed every time we have ridden them, changing and enhancing them continuously. Our roads are rigorously scrutinized and constantly updated to provide our guests with the finest possible experience, ensuring the countless hours of work on a machine and endless miles we expend on routes, pay off in the long run. No two tours are the same with our KTM Cape Town.

The MG ADVENTURES Experience


You are on the edge of the world and travel through escapes as diverse as they are fascinating.

Discover the great national parks and the breath-taking elevation, in the greatest freedom.

You travel in small groups which allows an easier insertion in the authentic ethnic groups

You are accompanied by your guide, expert of the road, passionate and French-speaking.


Belgian and amateur road and road trip , I fell madly from South Africa. Biker, I traveled a lot of roads and are those of South African diversity that gave me the desire to make it live.

I propose you to make you discover during beautiful sessions of rides breathtaking landscapes , punctuated by beautiful steps in charming accommodation!

Taking Adventure Bike Tours KTM South Africa is a must for all road lovers.

Whether on winding roads along the coast or in the heart of the bush, I make you live in the heart of my passion: the splendor of South Africa. 


Xavier Grégoire , guide and founder MG Adventures

KTM Cape Town

KTM South Africa – Self Guided Tours

Motorcycle Rental Cape Town Experts

A self-guided tour is a perfect place to explore more, set your own schedule and save money whether you’ve never ridden in a certain country or have done a guided tour or two. Booking the motorcycle (including delivery to your hotel), recommending an itinerary, booking accommodation, etc., but there is no driver, no back-up van and no broad community of riders sharing the experience. Most tour operators offer a self-guide alternative where they do the hard work.

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More than certainly, an experienced KTM Cape Town tour guide at your hotel would get better deals than you can on your own and would know the right places to stay. For starters, one client had booked a hotel on our last trip, beginning in Cape Town, that was close to the action, but also near the best highway to get them out of town on day one.

So our clients first, anxious, jet-lagged moments on the motorcycle clearly included turning right, then turning right again, placing them on the highway to get used to the bike for a leisurely rumble to Caledon. Similarly, our West Coast hotel was quick to locate when another client landed in the evening rush hour traffic, and almost as easy to get back on the path in the morning rush hour when we left.

As there is no party to plan or tour guides to hire, self-guided tours can be quickly organised to accommodate your dates. This also suggests that the trip can be longer or shorter, to your choosing.

Bike Rental Southern Africa – How we can help

Seeing the globe by motorcycle, with more companies selling incredible journeys on two wheels, has never been simpler. There are two specific forms of motorcycle holidays; guided motorcycle tours let someone else take charge of route preparation, motorcycle rental, insurance, routing, hotel bookings, and provide you with a ready-made bunch of new friends with all the right contacts. Then there are self-guided trips, albeit without a party of friends, back-up van or tour guide. A third party will also arrange self-guided tours, but you get all the benefits of their expertise, but more flexibility to set your own timetable.

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Take a KTM adventure South Africa

The best place for exciting trips and sports in a natural setting is South Africa. In this corner of the world, a motorcycle holiday can be very customized to your wants and wishes. The assistance of a local guide is important if you plan on a ‘asphalt journey’ beginning from Namibia towards the parks or from Cape Town to follow the coastline. Much of the roads are in excellent shape… but do not be misled by the shortage of traffic that allows the throttle to open: the local community crosses the road without looking and small buses pause constantly with crazy drivers to let passengers go on and off.

Visibility decreases a lot after sundown, particularly in rural areas, to which adding pitch dark nights and the likelihood of encountering animals on your way. So do not go fast and do not let yourselves get too distracted by the natural beauties that reveal themselves behind every curve.

If you are interested in a ‘raid’ type ride, be mindful that sandy regions that can hit a depth of 15/20 cm are very popular on off-roads. You ought to be really cautious if you are not an expert. To keep the front axle from digging into the sand, travel with the weight on the back of the saddle and do not slow down (with consequent fall). You won’t have any issues in most situations if you keep to 50kmh. If you are looking for an off-road ride, the recommendation is to focus on a local motorcycle guide who knows the region well and can fix any potential problems.

Our team of consultants is looking forward to assisting you. Follow us on Facebook and give us a call. We would love to give you an affordable quote today. We are here to serve you. You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Our experts are waiting.


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